What Areas in Your Home Need More Ventilation?

The air quality of your home depends on proper ventilation Without the exchange of stale air and fresh air, pollutants and irritants can build up in the indoor environment. This may lead to health issues such as headaches and restless sleep. For those with respiratory issues, it could lead to a chronic cough or asthma attack. Some parts of your home need special attention when it comes to ventilation.

Bathroom Ventilation

A hot, steamy shower on a cold day feels wonderful. The extra humidity provides relief from the dry winter months. However, steam that is not vented from the bathroom leads to condensation on the walls. In seasons when the air is not dry, this condensation is the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow. In addition, the fumes of many health and beauty products are not good for air quality. They are one of a number of substances known as volatile organic chemicals that may linger in your air. Proper ventilation will help get these substances out of your home.

Kitchen Ventilation

The kitchen is another space where ventilation is a concern. Especially when you are cooking with oil, you should have an exhaust fan running. Running a fan and cracking open a window will help fresh air flow into your kitchen, pulling the compounds released by cooking out of your home. This will also help keep your kitchen from smelling like last week’s fish supper.

Your Whole House

One of the issues with normal ventilation efforts, such as opening extra windows, is that outdoor air is at a different temperature than the desired indoor temperature. Modern ventilating technology can help you bring fresh air indoors without as great an impact on your heating and cooling costs. In the winter, heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems use a heat exchanger to pull heat from stale, outgoing air and add it to fresh, incoming air. The opposite exchange happens in the warmer months, cooling the incoming air. An energy recovery ventilation system (ERV) does the same temperature exchange but can also transfer moisture between incoming and outgoing air. With thoughtful installation, stale air can be drawn out of problem areas like kitchens and bathrooms, and fresh air vented into living spaces and bedrooms.

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