What is Balanced Ventilation?

The technicians at 4 Seasons Heating & Air are passionate about the comfort of Alpharetta area homes. Often, when people think about their home climate, they only think about maintaining temperature and humidity. However, we know that the overall quality of the air in your home is essential to keeping things comfortable. Especially in modern homes, balanced ventilation is something you need to think about.

The Importance of Ventilation

Modern homes are built to be energy efficient. This is great for your utility costs but can have a negative effect on your air quality. When homes are tightly sealed, it is difficult to get fresh air in and stale air out. Stale air is air that has impurities and irritants like dust, dander, and volatile organic compounds in it. People in homes with poor ventilation may experience physical symptoms like headaches and fatigue. If someone in your house has allergy issues, poor air quality can cause respiratory problems or asthma attacks.

A Balanced Approach

One approach to improving home air quality is balanced ventilation. A balanced design brings fresh air into the house at the same rate that stale air leaves the house. This results in a constant flow that does not affect the air pressure in the home. In a typical design, fresh air will enter the home through bedrooms and living rooms, areas where people spend the most amount of time. It will be vented out of the home from kitchens, bathrooms and basements, places that are less occupied and contain more volatile organic compounds like those found in cleaning products and cooking oil.

In order to increase efficiency, balanced ventilation systems will incorporate heat recovery and energy recovery ventilators. These devices can transfer heat and humidity from outgoing air to incoming air, preventing heat loss. The fresh air coming in will already have the proper temperature. You will have fresh air and consistent home comfort.

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