How To Light a Pilot Light on a Furnace

Having a furnace that is not operational can become a major headache. Being able to light your pilot light is definitely essential. Here’s how to light the pilot light on your furnace so you can get it running again.

The Furnace Instructions Label

The first thing you want to do is to locate the instructions label. It will be located somewhere on the outside of the furnace. There you will find any specific information that can help you light your pilot light safely. This is important because instructions vary between brands and models of furnaces.

If you’re not able to locate the instructions label, it’s OK. At 4 Seasons Heating & Air, we help folks all over Alpharetta and North Atlanta with their furnaces. We have years of experience assisting customers.

Set the Pilot Dial to the “Off” Position

This step is fairly simple. Look towards the bottom of your furnace for a button or dial that reads “On / Off / Pilot.” Set that to “Off.”

That’s your pilot button. After you set it to “Off,” wait a full five minutes so that any gas in the area can dissipate. You want to be sure you don’t start a fire accidentally.

Light the Pilot Light

After five minutes, turn the pilot button to “Pilot.” You will then use a long lighter and light the pilot light. You do this by simply holding the lighter up to the pilot opening.

As you do this, be certain to hold down the “Reset” button firmly. This will be a button that’s located next to the “Pilot” button on your furnace.

Release the “Reset” button after the pilot light has been lit, and you’re done! Your pilot light is now properly lit.

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