Why Does My Furnace Keep Turning Off?

Does your furnace run for a few minutes and then turn off? Then, after a little bit of time goes by, does it come back on only to turn off again after a couple of minutes?

You have a problem that is called short-cycling, and it is caused by a few common reasons. If you have changed the filter and are still having the problem, here are a couple of issues your furnace may be experiencing.

A Faulty or Dirty Flame Sensor is Turning Your Furnace Off Prematurely

As a precaution, your furnace has a flame sensor to ensure that a flame is present while fuel is being fed to the furnace. If a flame is not present while fuel is flowing, then an explosion may soon take place.

A faulty or dirty flame sensor may not detect a flame even though one is present. Since it cannot see the flame, it will turn off your furnace. A little while later, your furnace will re-ignite, only to have the flame sensor turn it off.

To fix this problem, the sensor will need to be either cleaned or replaced.

A Dirty Blower Wheel is Not Providing Enough Airflow

A bladed blower wheel feeds a pre-subscribed volume of air to the furnace. If the blower wheel cannot meet the volume of air demanded by the furnace, the heat exchanger will start to overheat. To keep the heat exchanger from being compromised, a heat sensor will turn the furnace off.

After the heat exchanger has cooled, the furnace will turn back on. When the heat exchanger overheats again, the furnace will again turn off. Having the heat exchanger overheat on a continual basis will start to cause damage.

The trained technicians at 4 Seasons Heating & Air in Alpharetta, GA, are skilled in changing flame sensors, cleaning blower wheels and determining if any part of your furnace has been compromised. Their expertise will not only solve your problem but make sure that your furnace is safe for operation.

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