How Long Should a Furnace Last?

Under normal conditions, a furnace should last for at least 15 years after being installed. However, its useful life could be longer or shorter based on how much you use it and if you follow a regular maintenance schedule.

How Neglecting a Furnace Could Reduce Its Useful Life

If you fail to replace a furnace air filter, then dust, pollen and other debris may clog fan blades and motors. This can cause them to work harder than necessary to maintain a consistent temperature in your home. Furthermore, the extra work could result in excess heat and friction. Ultimately, parts inside of the furnace might break, burnout or otherwise fail to work as long as they should. The folks at 4 Seasons Heating & Air in Alpharetta can inspect, repair and maintain your furnace in an affordable and timely manner.

Is the Thermostat Working Properly?

Problems with a thermostat could cause the furnace to run throughout the day even if your home is sufficiently warm. In some cases, it may blow nothing but cold air, which means that you are potentially wearing the furnace down without seeing any benefit. It can be a good idea to make sure that the thermostat is properly installed and that it is on the correct setting.

Furnaces Become Less Efficient Over Time

Even if your furnace still runs well, it may not be operating at peak efficiency anymore. Therefore, you may be paying more to heat your home, and you may also notice that your home isn’t being heated in an even fashion. If you notice these or other irregularities, it may be wise to assume that your furnace has reached the end of its useful life.

If you need to repair or replace your furnace, give us a call today. Our technicians can also repair, maintain and install cooling components as well as install hot water heaters in your home. We’re available for customers throughout Alpharetta and the surrounding areas.