8 Air Conditioner Tips to Beat the Heat

Technician Explaining AC SystemStaying cool inside your home even in a hot, humid city like Alpharetta, GA, is possible without having to deal with high energy bills. You can save money on your monthly energy bill by knowing how to get the most out of your air conditioning system and keeping the cool air trapped inside longer.

Everyone knows to improve their home’s insulation but may put it off thinking it will be expensive. Improving your home’s insulation doesn’t have to be an expensive project. Other tasks are imperative for maintaining a comfortable home without the high energy bills as well, such as professional maintenance and cleaning the air filter regularly.

1. Clean the Air Filter Monthly

One of the best things you can do for your AC is to clean the air filter monthly. Some models have filters that need changed rather than cleaned. If you have one of those models, then change the air filter every month of operation. It might seem excessive, but you’re preventing obstructed airflow by keeping the air filter clean.

Obstructed airflow can wreak all sorts of havoc on your air conditioning system, including inadequate cooling of your home, inefficiency, higher energy bills, faster wear and tear, and weak airflow. An air filter overdue for being cleaned can cause other parts of the system to break. Thus, it’s best to stay on top of changing or cleaning the air filter. You’ll keep your home comfortable without high energy bills as well.

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2. Raise the Set Temperature at Night

You can still sleep comfortably at night without the home kept as cool as it is during the day. Because your body isn’t moving around, you don’t need as much air conditioning to stay comfortable. Raise the thermostat’s set temperature 2–4 degrees higher before going to bed.

If you have a programmable thermostat, you don’t need to do this manually every night. Even 1 degree makes a difference in your cooling costs. Some air conditioners have a sleep mode that you can use to make the AC reduce its output for a certain period of time. It will return to its original output once the time runs out.

3. Use a Programmable Thermostat

We highly recommend installing a programmable thermostat if you don’t have one already and making good use of this innovative technology. It might take a little experimenting to find what temperature keeps your household comfortable and which hours to program into the thermostat. When no one is at home, you can program the thermostat to maintain a higher temperature for energy savings. Then, set it back to your ideal comfort level shortly before you return home. Wi-Fi thermostats can also be adjusted while you’re away from home via an app.

4. Schedule Professional Maintenance Every Year

Regardless of what type of air conditioning system you have, it needs professional maintenance each year to continue operating at peak performance. We recommend scheduling AC maintenance in spring to avoid dust building up in the system while it’s dormant. You want a freshly cleaned and inspected AC to start the hot season with. It will operate reliably throughout summer without causing high energy bills.

Most manufacturers require that their air conditioners receive regular professional maintenance to keep the warranty valid. Other benefits of scheduling annual professional maintenance for your AC are fewer breakdowns, an extended lifespan, better indoor air quality, and reduced risk of an expensive breakdown. Costly breakdowns sometimes occur because a problem went unnoticed for a long time.

Our technicians conduct a thorough inspection of your air conditioning system to search for any signs of developing problems or parts that need replacing. We’ll tighten loose electrical connections and lubricate moving components. These tasks are important for keeping the AC operating smoothly and safely. Loose electrical connections are a hazard. They become loose from the appliance’s vibrations.

5. Maintain Clearance of Your Vents

Not many people know that furniture located in the airflow of your vents reduces the effectiveness of their air conditioning systems. The furniture soaks up the cool air hitting it. For the greatest efficiency and effectiveness in cooling your home, furniture shouldn’t be in the path of air coming out of your vents.

If you’re unable to rearrange your furniture or you like how your setup is, adjust the vents to the most optimal direction. You can install air deflectors over your vents to have greater control over the airflow direction. Air deflectors are cheap and easy to install. Some of them are held in place via magnets.

6. Use Ceiling Fans in the Correct Direction

Ceiling fans assist in circulating air-conditioned air throughout the room. They also help reduce humidity, which is a factor in how comfortable a room feels. Excessive humidity is not only uncomfortable but it can damage the wood in your home and increases the risk of mold growth.

During the summer, your ceiling fans should spin counterclockwise to most effectively help cool your home. A counterclockwise rotation pushes cold air down. Ceiling fans can decrease how hot it feels in a room by as much as 10 degrees.

If you don’t have ceiling fans, you can use standing fans to improve a room’s comfort while reducing how much the AC needs to run.

7. Seal Areas Where Air Escapes

Even an energy-efficient air conditioner might not keep your energy bills as low as you’d like if your home is poorly insulated. Make sure the attic is insulated well and check your home for air leaks. Air often escapes through the windows, doors, cracks in the baseboards, and cracks in the walls.

While the AC is running, stand outside and place your hand near the doors to see if you can feel cold air escaping. Install new seals to your doors to keep the cold air inside. Likewise, you can apply seals or weather strips to the windows. As for cracks and holes in the baseboards, you can remedy this with caulk. You can also apply caulk around the windows if you have felt air escaping through them.

8. Install the Right AC When It’s Time to Upgrade

Summers in Alpharetta is humid, so most homeowners will find a central AC most suitable for comfort. Central ACs do a good job of reducing humidity in the house while cooling it. Ductless mini-split systems aren’t as effective in reducing humidity, so you should keep that in mind before installing one. If it doesn’t get very humid in your house, this probably won’t be an issue. You can also use dehumidifiers to reduce humidity as needed.

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