Why Does My Thermostat Click When It Comes On?

The thermostat in your home is designed to give you control over how your heating and air conditioning unit operates. If you want the temperature in your home to be warmer or cooler, you can set your preferred temperature via the thermostat in your home. One notable aspect of a thermostat that might seem odd when it initially happens is that it can click when the system it’s attached to comes on. While this isn’t a sign of a problem, it’s important that you understand why thermostats make this sound.

Why a Thermostat Clicks When It Comes On

The clicking noises that you invariably hear whenever the thermostat comes on are derived from the thermostat relay opening and closing, which is done to ensure that power from the thermostat is sent to whatever heating system is installed in your home. You can reduce how audible the sound is by insulating the electrical box that the relay is mounted on. The screws that connect the thermostat to the wall can also be tightened to reduce how loud the sound is.

How to Know If Your Thermostat Is Malfunctioning

While a faulty thermostat can be frustrating to deal with, it’s much easier to repair when compared to a malfunctioning HVAC unit. You can determine that your thermostat is malfunctioning by setting the temperature 5 degrees higher during the winter or 5 degrees lower during the summer months. When you do this, your air conditioning or heating unit should turn on. If it doesn’t, the thermostat or circuit breaker could be faulty.

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