What is a SEER Rating?

What does SEER mean? Short for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, SEER is a rating that describes the efficiency of air conditioners and heat pumps. If you’re shopping for a new cooling system, you may have some of the following questions:

How Is SEER Measured?

To create a SEER rating, manufacturers take the cooling output for a typical cooling season, and they divide that by the total amount of electricity used to run the system. In other words, this rating shows the maximum possible efficiency for a system. It doesn’t show how much energy you will ultimately use. This is similar to how your car can go a certain number of miles per gallon in theory, but in actual use, the numbers may be different.

What Is the Range of SEER Ratings?

SEER ratings start at 13 and go up to 21. The higher the rating, the more efficient your system is. However, it’s important to remember that other elements can also affect efficiency. For instance, if you’re in an exceptionally hot area, your system is not going to run as efficiently as someone who is in an area with a moderate climate. Additionally, if your home is very drafty or if your ducts are dirty, that can also reduce your efficiency regardless of your SEER rating.

What Are the Benefits of a High SEER?

When you opt for an air conditioner or a cooling heat pump with a high SEER rating, you get extra efficiency right off the bat, but beyond that, you get enhanced comfort levels. Your home stays cooler, and the system doesn’t have to cycle on and off as much so you get more consistent temperatures. However, in exchange for those benefits, systems with higher SEER ratings also tend to be more expensive. To ensure that the additional cost of your system will be covered by the monthly savings on your electricity bill, you should talk with an HVAC professional. They can help you find the right balance for your unique situation.

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