What Does an HVAC System Include?

Knowing what is included in an HVAC system is the first step toward finding the best home heating and cooling equipment. You need a complete system for full comfort in your home. If you are replacing existing systems, you may only be required to purchase a few parts. However, a homeowner who is installing everything will have to ensure that the following items are included in the HVAC system.

The Furnace

For heating purposes, you will find a furnace among the items in an HVAC system. There are many types of furnaces. For example, there are those that use oil while others are powered using gas. There also are modern systems that use electricity. Therefore, when you are asked to choose a furnace for your system, think about the kind of energy that you are likely to use.

The Air Conditioner

Another important item that you will find when you buy an HVAC system is an air conditioner. The main function of air conditioners is to cool the interior of the house by expelling warm air and let in cool conditioned air. There also are many types of air conditioners, starting from those that are tiny enough to be placed on the walls to those that require both internal and external components.

The Ducts and Other Conveying Items

Air ducts are usually connected to the heating system so that they can help expel dirty air. This air is usually produced by the furnace after combusting the fuel. When you install an HVAC unit properly, it should last a long time. However, you should also carry out regular cleaning and maintenance of the air ducts to maintain efficiency.

A Thermostat

A thermostat is a regulatory part of the HVAC system. Its purpose is to ensure that temperatures are kept within the desired levels. They are more important if you are spending a lot of time indoors because they will power the machines on and off depending on the temperatures in the rooms.

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