Tips for Controlling Static Electricity in Your Home

Static electricity is a result of built-up static charges along the surfaces of materials when they are brushed against another material. Static electricity, however, may not be as harmful to you as it is to your home electronics. It may give you the occasional unwelcome jolt, though. That being said, it is essential to control static electricity in your home.

Controlling Indoor Air Quality

Managing indoor air quality is one of the best ways to control static electricity. This is fueled by the fact that air can access crevices that are out of your reach. Furthermore, it is easier to manage a single aspect of the home that would have other advantages rather than trying to use conventionally less effective methods such as buying anti-static materials and walking barefoot.

Reducing Static Electricity Buildup

When it’s cold outside, your heating system naturally tries to make up for the chill in your home by heating the air around it. When air is heated, humidity levels decrease gradually. In turn, static electricity increases. It is a sign that your humidity levels have fallen very low.

4 Seasons Heating and Air, proudly serving the greater Alpharetta area, offers air conditioning installation and repair services to help control static electricity buildup in your home. We can install and repair a variety of heating and cooling systems from quality brands like Lennox, Carrier and Goodman.

Using Humidifiers

Humid air reduces the chances of static electricity building up to a harmful or destructive level. Don’t forget that lightning is a form of static energy. Of course, home levels may never build to such extremes.

Luckily, improving your indoor air quality is not difficult. There are many ways of making your home air humid, like using natural plants or placing damp cloths strategically around your home. Such methods are a bit less predictable, require work and could even cause damage.

The best way would be using an artificial humidifier, which makes sure the humidity does not fall below a certain threshold. You can set such humidifiers to maintain a humidity level of 35%. Having indoor air quality specialists make specific recommendations for your home might be even more helpful in the end. At 4 Seasons Heating and Air, we’ve been improving indoor air quality since 1977.