The 3 Most Common Misconceptions About Heaters

Heaters are one of the most frequently misunderstood HVAC systems. People have a lot of misconceptions about them that can lead to ineffective heating, loss of money, and other issues. Here are the three main heating myths you need to watch out for.

1. You Only Need to Call in Professionals When the Heater Breaks

This heating myth is one of the leading reasons that homeowners end up having to spend so much money on heaters. The reality is that the many components in heaters work best when they’re regularly maintained. Getting regular tune-ups can keep your system working for years without any major issues.

2. Cranking Up the Thermostat Will Heat the House Quicker

When temperatures drop outside and you feel a little chilly, your first instinct is probably to turn up the thermostat as high as it will go. We know it seems like the best way to deal with a sudden cold front, but the reality is that this is fairly useless. Increasing the temperature on the thermostat doesn’t make the heater run any harder or boost the rate at which your home heats up. All it does is maintain a higher interior temperature overall.

3. The Heat Should Run all Winter

Many people make the mistake of thinking they can save money by leaving their heater at the same temperature setting around the clock. It’s true that it takes a little extra energy to heat a chilly room instead of maintaining the current temperature in a room. However, it takes far more energy overall to keep the heater on all the time. Heating empty rooms when you’re away is just a waste of money and energy.

When you choose to work with 4 Seasons, you don’t have to worry about falling for common heating myths. Our experienced team members have plenty of expertise and knowledge that they’re happy to share with you. Interested in learning more about how heating works? Call 4 Seasons for more information today.