How Do Furnaces Work?

Most furnaces use natural gas, but some run on electricity, propane or heating oil. Knowing how a furnace works helps you find potential issues to communicate to your HVAC expert in Alpharetta, GA. Sometimes, you might be able to troubleshoot an issue on your own. However, most furnace malfunctions require a qualified HVAC technician. You can count on 4 Seasons Heating and Air to keep your Georgia home warm in chilly weather. Meanwhile, it’s helpful to understand how your furnace works.

The Control System

Your furnace has a control system that regulates the heating of your home. Typically, a sensing device compares the temperature in your home with the target temperature set via the thermometer. Once the furnace receives the signal from the thermostat that the temperature is below the target, the furnace turns on. Then, a valve opens and the burner ignites. Finally, the valve interacts with the thermostat to make sure the temperature remains constant.

The Distribution System

The heat that is generated in a central heating chamber must be distributed through the ductwork in your home to heat your living area.

Here are two kinds are heat distribution systems:
  • Vents, ducts and registers: These are systems that use forced-air and heat pumps. In this case, heated air moves from the furnace or pump into your home via ducts. Then, the heated air travels through each room through air vents and registers.
  • Pipes: Heated water is distributed from a boiler through a series of pipes, heating your home in the process.

Contact Trusted HVAC Experts

Whatever system your home has, 4 Seasons Heating and Air can help you diagnose and fix the problem. Whether the problem is, the control or distribution system or the furnace itself, our experienced technicians are available to ensure that you come home to a comfortable environment. Contact us today at 678-367-0433 for service throughout the greater Alpharetta, GA area, especially if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Your unit isn’t turning on
  • The furnace is making weird noises
  • The system isn’t warming your home evenly
  • Thermostat is malfunctioning