How Can Temperature Affect Your Sleep?

Whether the days are scorching hot or the nights freezing cold, it might seem like you can never find the right temperature to fall into a deep and restful night. Does the temperature of your home affect your ability to get a good snooze? It certainly does.

Body Temperature Drops before You Drop Off

Did you know that just before you nod off your body temperature actually drops a degree or two? Your body is powering down and telling active systems that it is time to recharge your battery. When your brain achieves that perfect cool temperature, you fall asleep.

Tossing Off Covers When it’s Too Hot and Piling on the Blankets at 2 AM

Your body will work to maintain an even temperature all night long, but the heat gets trapped in the mattress, your pillow, or escapes through the thin sheets. How many times do you wake up in a tangle of sticky sheets? Or perhaps you are always reaching for the extra blanket in the middle of the night. Every time that your body insists it is too hot or too cold, you are interrupting your natural sleep patterns.

The Just Right Temp will Help You Sleep All Night Long

Medical professionals all agree that for the best night’s sleep you must find the temperature that works best for you. An extra pair of socks or a ceiling fan can do wonders.

Routine HVAC Maintenance can Save Your Sanity and Your Sleep

Whether you have a single-room air conditioner or central AC, it will have air filters and coolant levels. The air conditioning only works best when it has sufficient airflow for the heat exchanger and compressor to efficiently cool that humid Southern night air. When you schedule bi-annual maintenance with 4 Seasons Heating & Air, the technician will clean out the coils, change the filters, and check the coolant level so that your unit will provide that perfect dry cool air that supports hours of deep restorative sleep.

The Alpharetta HVAC professionals at 4 Seasons Heating & Air are here to help you with achieving your best night’s sleep. A well-balanced air conditioning or heating system will ensure that your bedroom can reach that perfect temperature for a sound sleep all year long. Give our pros a call to schedule your next appointment and sleep soundly all summer long.