Free Furnace

How to Buy a New $3,273 Premium Brand Furnace for Only $489 when you purchase a complete AC system

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Lower call demand creates a great opportunity for you to buy before much higher spring pricing goes into effect. The largest discount of the year starts right now!

Act Fast, Limited Supply in Each Size.

Yes, it’s true. You can replace your old (and probably very inefficient) furnace and air conditioner for up to $2,784 less than you would have to pay any other time of the year. Every year in the ac business, the first three months are huge a challenge that we spend the rest of the year trying to make up for. We also want to keep our honest and loyal employees working.


We have decided to sacrifice some profits during these tough months in order to keep our employees working.

Here’s how this (admittedly too good to be true) offer came about. Equipment manufacturers are struggling during these tough times, so we were able to negotiate an amazing deal with our manufacturers. Because of this awesome pricing that we were able to get along with our Sunny or Hunter discount, we are passing this amazing offer on to you! These are new

2020-2021 models. They are not scratch and dent or “builder” models. They are factory fresh, premium name brand air conditioners and furnaces with full factory warranties.


Because we were able to buy both the furnace and the air conditioner for less than we thought possible – we are giving away FREE furnaces while supplies last! So, if you buy one of these new premium air conditioning systems – you are not only receiving deeply discounted equipment, we are giving you the furnace for FREE. All we ask is for the $489 in labor and materials that it costs to have your furnace installed.


Just call or schedule online anytime to schedule an appointment. We will come out and measure your home to determine the availability of the proper size. Don’t forget, there is no guarantee how long this offer will last due to limited stock.

When the available supply is gone, this remarkable offer also ends.


Please call and reserve your system today. Here are two reasons why. We only have a limited supply of this discounted equipment, and our business will start to pick back up in the spring causing this offer to end. When all the air conditioners are sold, and all the furnaces are given away, that’s it. There will be no more systems offered at this price.

Give us a call now or book online and we will set up your no-obligation appointment. Thank you for reading this rather long letter. We hope you will profit greatly because of it.