Prevent Damage From Dry Air by Using a Whole-House Humidifier

Humidity levels fall in the winter because the wind shifts from a tropical to a northerly flow. The air dries even more as it’s heated by forced air furnaces. Keeping the humidity levels up prevents the harm that overly dry air may cause both you and your home.

Physical Reactions to Dry Air

The low humidity dries out the sinus tissues, which increases your discomfort and makes the upper respiratory tissue vulnerable to infection from viruses and bacteria. Besides the tiny cracks in your throat, nose, and sinuses, bacteria and viruses get a boost from the dry air. The moist coating that covers them dries out quickly, and the infectious particles remain behind in the air or on surfaces. Without the coating, they have a better chance of infecting their host.

Dry air not only makes the top layer of skin dry, but it also pulls out the moisture deeper down, which is what’s responsible for skin cracks. Not only do these cracks hurt, but they’re also prone to infections. You’ll also feel cooler as the humidity drops. The experts at 4 Seasons Heating & Air in Alpharetta can show you how much warmer you’ll feel as the humidity rises with the use of a humidifier.

How Your House Reacts

When the air dries out, anything made of wood will start to dry out. It could eventually crack, which may be hard to repair, if at all. The cracking will be indiscriminate, attacking expensive musical instruments as well as inexpensive wooden objects. It’s also not unusual for paint and wallpaper to bubble or peel from the lack of moisture in the air. Static electricity is another side effect of overly dry indoor air that can permanently damage anything electronic that uses low-wattage components.

Maintaining Indoor Humidity

The easiest way to keep the humidity between 30 and 50 percent is to use a whole-house humidifier that attaches to your HVAC system. A humidistat controls the amount of humidity in the air. Whole-house systems use little energy, don’t need maintenance, and work automatically.

Bottom Line

The pros at 4 Seasons Heating & Air in Alpharetta can tell you more about using a whole-house humidifier and its benefits for your health and that of your home. In addition to humidifiers, we’re proficient with air conditioners and furnaces. Give us a call today.