Centurion Award Winner

Each year, Lennox grants the coveted Centurion Award to just 25 HVAC dealers across the U.S. The award marks top performing companies that are recognized community and industry leaders. Dave Lennox Award winners are expected to serve customers with honor and a unique level of service. Categories include the quality of installations and the level of customer service. Candidates are up against every professional contractor in the industry. Lennox reviews a company’s business practices, with an emphasis on both technical expertise and sales growth Typical winners maintain a high level of excellence across the board for many years.

Top Centurion Winner

4 Seasons Heating & Air consistently wins the Centurion Award because we are dedicated to our customers and community. We have knowledge and experience of the premium Lennox brand of heating and cooling systems. Even though it often takes many years to achieve the market share and confidence of customers required for the Centurion Award, some dealers manage to maintain their track record over time. We have received it for the last 5 years and is Lennox’s top volume dealer in the nation.

Another prestigious Lennox award is the Circle of Excellence Award, given to just 40 dealers across the U.S. for sales and leadership excellence. 4 Seasons Heating & Air has received the Circle of Excellence Award for the past 5 years.

Products and Services

4 Seasons Heating & Air uses only the highest quality HVAC products, including the popular Lennox brand. Its technicians are certified by the manufacturers to install and repair equipment and ensure that clients stay comfortable year-round. Here are some of the services that keep them at the top of the list for awards:

  • Professional A/C installation and replacement
  • A/C and furnace maintenance
  • Reliable A/C and furnace repair
  • Furnace installation or replacement
  • Heating and cooling system maintenance
  • Emergency Service

Centurion Award winners respect your home and bring the tools and equipment to do the job right the first time, every time. So, the next time you have questions on your heating and cooling system needs, choose the best of the best in Alpharetta, GA.

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For 40 years, 4 Seasons Heating & Air has provided the Alpharetta area with outstanding heating and cooling services, so that your family can be comfortable all year long. When you know you can come home to reliable comfort, it’s one less thing to worry about. Go with a company with a proven track record as an industry leader and contact us today!