4 Seasons Heating & Air was lucky enough to participate in the Lennox Feel The Love campaign in October 2019. We’re excited to share our recipient, Magdalene Nelson’s, story on how she became a nominee and recipient of Feel The Love.

Magdalene Nelson is 53 years old, born and raised and Nigeria and “won” the green card/visa lottery in 2003 to come to the United States. Pregnant with her daughter, she stayed with her siblings for a short period of time, then took up residency in Atlanta in 2004.

In 2010, she relocated to Johns Creek, bought a house constructed in 1993 which needed a lot of tender loving “repair” so that her daughter, Elizabeth, could attend the best public schools possible. Magdalene worked for years as a medical technician in the hospital lab. Her salary provided Magdalene and her daughter a stable life style but she was never financially able to repair/replace household items.

Magdalene received three nominations, one from the secretary at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church in Johns Creek, where she is a parishioner. According to Amy, “she is a woman of grace and a devout Catholic who attends Mass daily. She sacrifices so her daughter can attend Catholic school on grants, due to their lack of income. Her home is in much need of repair, 2 years ago the HVAC company told her that she needed to replace her unit.” She was also nominated by two of her friends who said there is not a more-giving woman on the face of the earth. Over the course of a month, we learned that to be very true!

While getting to know Magdalene, we discovered that she has been professionally “unemployed” for over a year and to make ends meet, she has been working as an Uber and Lyft driver. And, not only is she taking care of her daughter, she is providing food, clothing and shelter for two displaced women from church, one of whom has a five-year old daughter. She said, “I was there once, I know what it is like.”

Magdalene’s furnace was original to the house, 1993, it was 26 years old and her air conditioner was installed in 1997. Needless to say, neither were working properly, much less working at all. With the help of Lennox, we were able to provide a new furnace and air conditioner, and we zoned her house so that she would be comfortable no matter what the season or where she was in the house. We repaired the stairs to her attic and worked in her front yard to get ready for the big day.

Magdalene is a beautiful woman, her daughter is equally beautiful and incredibly kind. We found the perfect recipient for Feel The Love and as blessed as Magdalene was in receiving this gift, we at 4 Seasons were blessed in getting to know Magdalene, seeing her shine her light on so many people, and coming together as a family/company to give to someone in such need.

Thank you for the opportunity to Feel The Love and count on 4 Seasons Heating & Air, Alpharetta, GA to participate again this year!