Paul Turner wrote, “My wife, Carleigh, is a rock star. We both work in healthcare seeing patients in Gainesville, Georgia which was recently labeled a “hotspot” for COVID19. She works as a Physical Therapist within an in-patient rehab facility exposing herself on a daily basis. Although many of her patients have tested positive for COVID, they are primarily there for post-trauma or stroke physical therapy and are receiving care to facilitate their moving back home. She works hard to help them and never complains at all despite worrying she may bring something home to our family.”

Paul finished stating, “Replacing this unit will go a long way in helping my daughter be more comfortable and ease the burden of this financial situation that we are currently in.”

Paul and Carleigh Turner’s baby daughter, Ava’s, nursery is upstairs and the A/C unit conditioning that level of their house had a leak and each year they would have to refill it with coolant and, quite often, move Ava to the master bedroom downstairs when the second level was not able to be cooled. They have been trying to pay off their college student loans in an effort to become debt-free. Saving extra money has been their goal so one day Carleigh may stay home as they grow our family. At this point in time, the funds to replace their heat pump was not in their budget, nor was the financing available.

With the help of Lennox, we were able to replace the upstairs heat pump so no matter what the season, their house would be comfortable for everyone. Their fence was in a state of disrepair; we replaced the gate and posts and now should they get a puppy, it will not run away. As is our fashion, the front porch was decorated with flowers and pumpkins.

Paul and Carleigh were the perfect recipient for FeelTheLove 2020 and as blessed as they were in receiving this gift, we at 4 Seasons, were blessed in getting to know The Turner Family, seeing their self-less hearts working in the 2020 healthcare field, and getting to know this beautiful family.