5 Helpful Indoor Air Quality Tips

You probably think of 4 Seasons Heating & Air as the company you call when you need help keeping the air in your Alpharetta home warm or cold. However, we know that there is more to comfort than temperature. Irritants and allergens are small enough to float in your indoor air supply, causing trouble for people who have sensitive allergies. Here are some ways to improve your indoor air quality.

1. Keep the Outside Out

Especially on dry days, people can bring dust and pollen into your home on their shoes. As they go in and out, these irritants transfer to your floor where they can get stirred up into the indoor air quality. Provide a space outside or by the entrance for family and visitors to leave their shoes as they enter your home.

2. Keep Things Clean

One way to keep the air pure is to keep the house clean. Regular sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping will minimize the amount of dust that can get into the air. You might invest in a robotic vacuum that will do this task every day without complaint.

3. Keep Things Fresh

On nice days, open up windows and doors to allow some fresh air inside. As fresh air comes in, it will push stale air out. If you want a more modern option, you might consider a ventilating system that works with your current ductwork.

4. Keep Things Dry

The humid air of summer encourages mold growth in your home. An air conditioner will help remove moisture from the air. You may also want to use a dehumidifier in parts of the home that have less circulation like the basement.

5. Keep Things Pure

Modern air filters and purifiers work to clean your air as it passes through your ducts. Some of these units include ultraviolet lights that kill bacteria and viruses. Others use a chemical catalyst to break down volatile organic chemicals. You can also purchase air filtration units that can keep a single room clean. These can be helpful if you have someone at home with respiratory issues.

Whatever your Alpharetta home climate needs, 4 Seasons Heating & Air has the knowledge and skills to help. We can service your heating and cooling systems, keeping you comfortable all year long. Our highly trained technicians can repair, maintain, or replace any cooling or heating equipment you’re using. We also install new systems and products for your home that will optimize air quality. Contact us today for more information.